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Ask me anything   Katie. 20 year old cancer patient a year into an unknown amount of treatment. I like pretty people, pretty clothes and tattoos, baking, eating and psychology.
I write a lot about mental health on the blog at the bottom, well, I did and will again when i get a bit better. I use macs and believe that decaff drinkers are the real coffee devotees.

For my psychology and mental health stuff blog go to http://bananasisnotadirtyword.tumblr.com/

For my blog detailing my cancer and treatment, go to luckyreally.blogspot.com

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Tonight I’m praying for cancer’s Newton. Edison. Darwin. Jesus. And I pray we recognize him or her when introduced.

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f-ear-l-e-s-s asked: heey honey, you are so gorgeous I love your blog! stay strong beautiful, we will continue fighting until this beast is gone!!


You’re so lovely! Thank you, and yes we certainly shall! :) x

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Portishead (Live at Roseland) - Sour Times

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Blue mosque Mazar-i-sharif,Afghanistan.


Blue mosque Mazar-i-sharif,Afghanistan.

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The Eastern prayer hall in Masjed-e Imam.


The Eastern prayer hall in Masjed-e Imam.

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