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Ask me anything   Katie. 20 year old cancer patient a year into an unknown amount of treatment. I like pretty people, pretty clothes and tattoos, baking, eating and psychology.
I write a lot about mental health on the blog at the bottom, well, I did and will again when i get a bit better. I use macs and believe that decaff drinkers are the real coffee devotees.

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Is it a lie, is it a bad lie?

Is it lying to only advertise the blog that shows the nuts and bolts of having cancer, rather than a blog that represents the reality of it?

my lucky really blog is mostly just the day to day “what happens, what procedures, how does it work”. Not the experience of having cancer.

And if it is a lie, is it a bad thing? Considering that it goes to family and friends who are saved a lot of grief not hearing everything?

Or should I be being honest, so people understand, and have a better knowledge for when they or someone they love goes through it?

Or is it just about me and what I’m “comfortable” with? I hate to hink of my nanna crying over my suffering more than I know she does, same with some friends. But there is just so much more. 

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  1. jetpackninjadinosaursfromspace said: I think it should be whatever you want it to be, whatever you feel comfortable sharing. We love you and are here for you always, no matter what you do or don’t share. Either way, you and your strength are things that I for one admire. <3
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